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atlantic city bike entry
TimoniumBikeContract (3)

Pick Which Class is appropriate to Your Bike

-American Antique (25 Years and Older)
-Antique Competition Bike (25 Years and Older)
-Antique Competition Bike Enduro / Moto-X (25 Years and Older)
-Antique Euro 500cc and Smaller
-Antique Euro 500cc and Smaller (Professional Builder)
-Antique Euro 600cc and Larger
-Antique Euro 600cc and Larger (Professional Builder)
-Bagger / Touring Dresser Mild Custom
-Bagger / Touring Dresser Full Custom
-Bagger / Touring Dresser Tour Pack Mild Custom
-Bagger / Touring Dresser Tour Pack Full Custom
-Bagger / Touring Radical Custom
-Bagger / Touring Road King Mild Custom
-Bagger / Touring Road King Full Custom
-Bagger / Touring Road King Radical Custom
-Barn Find - Fresh finds with the rust to show. some call these "farm fresh"
-Café Racer - A stripped down bike with low handlebars and humped seat.
-camping - bikes used for exploring the wilderness with gear
-Chopper Custom
-Chopper Radical
-Competition Bike - bike used in racing or hill climbs etc...
-Competition bike antique - older then 25 years
-Dyna / FXR Full Custom
-Dyna / FXR Mild Custom
-Dyna / FXR Radical Custom
-Indian Late Model
-Limited Production Chopper
-Limited Production Chopper Custom
-Limited Production Pro Street
-Metric Cruiser Full Custom
-Metric Cruiser Mild Custom
-Metric Sport Full Custom
-Metric Sport Mild Custom
-Metric Sport Radical Custom
-Metric Antique 500cc and Smaller (25 Years and Older)
-Metric Antique 600cc and Larger (25 Years and Older)
-Nostalgic Bobber
-Nostalgic Custom
-Old School Bobber
-Old School Chopper
-Pro street Custom
-Pro Street Radical
-Rat Bike -A motorcycle that has fallen apart over time, and on the road for the maximum amount of time, while spending as little as possible on the bike by employing kludge fixes. The adaptation and use of parts that were not designed to fit the bike.
-Softail FX Full Custom
-Softail FX Mild Custom
-Softail FL Full Custom
-Softail FL Mild Custom
-Softail Radical Custom
-Special Interest - any motorcycle that the judges feel would unfairly be in any other class.
-Sportster Full Custom
-Sportster Mild Custom
-Sportster Radical Custom
-Survivor Bike - Similar to a barn find but in much nicer shape unmolested and well kept.
-Three Wheelers Antique
-Three Wheelers Full Custom
-Three Wheelers Mild Custom
-Three Wheelers Radical Custom
-Zombie Bike - A survival bike may look similar to a rat bike, but are different in purpose. They are modified for stylistic reasons and many are influenced by Zombie films such as the walking dead.