We've enjoyed bringing motorcycle enthusiasts & bikes together for over 40 years. There is something to be said about customizing or restoring your machine, just the way you want part by part, envisioning how you will make it work for you.

From project bikes, to vintage restores, to radical customs, all can be found here.

Come meet and talk to some of the most knowledgeable enthusiasts who have been in the motorcycle trade their whole lives.

Keeping the ol' sckool thrill alive !!


How it all started

Jam-On Productions started from a couple of brothers who just enjoyed riding their bikes. One day Paul, in a car, and Andrew, on a bike, went to the gas station and Andrew asked Paul to watch his bike while he went inside to pay. Paul leaned on the bike seat and an officer rolled up and gave him a ticket for not having a helmet even though it was explained that it was his car and he was only watching the bike for his brother. Then a couple of days later Paul was reading Easyriders Magazine and saw a new group looking for members called A.B.A.T.E. Paul went to the meeting and was voted the representative for his county. Paul jokes "I was the only one from Pg county to show up so it was a landslide victory". A.B.A.T.E needed funds to repeal the helmet law, so young kids went around asking motorcycle shops for donations, but instead of money the shops gave them parts. The 1st Jam-On Swapmeet was born, at the swapmeets he met many people just like him who were looking for either NOS parts or something unique to customize their ride & was realizing the need to showcase their achievements Paul started putting on bike shows.

Then one day after visiting a car show and noticing all the carpet and drapes, Paul felt as though motorcycles deserve the same treatment...he put on the VERY FIRST carpeted and draped Motorcycle show in the country & the rest is History!!!

Now, not only is Paul the CEO of Jam-On Productions, but he is a Lifetime Member of AMA Hall of Fame & A Lifetime Charter Member of A.B.A.T.E of Maryland.

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